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Forever 7th Capital - Seraphim

Forever 7th Capital - Seraphim

Download Forever 7th Capital - Seraphim Wallpaper Engine Free non-steam required.

  •  What is Wallpaper Engine?
    • Wallpaper Engine Software allows you to use amazing live wallpapers on your computer desktop. You can choose from our site wallpaper engine best wallpapers that you like and easily make your desktop go live using this amazing software. Read: What is Wallpaper Engine? The Complete Guide.
  • What Types of Wallpapers Supported?
    • Several types of wallpaper engine wallpapers are supported and ready to use, Including 3D and 2D animations, websites, videos and even some applications.
  • About Performance
    • Wallpaper Engine was delicately built to deliver you an entertaining experience while using the minimum system resources as possible. Multiple options available inside the software to adjust the quality and performance to make Wallpaper Engine fully compatible with your computer capacities.




[i][u]These wallpapers and music doesn't belong to me. If any artist doesn't want these wallpapers and music here, please contact me and I'll remove them.Thanks for understanding.[/u][/i]


🖌️ Artist of Character: N/A

🎵 Music:

Song: Vitalii Suzdin - Beyond the Mind (No Copyright Music)
Music provided by Tunetank.
Video Link:


[i][u]Thanks for supporting, have fun💜 [/u][/i]

How To Use This Wallpaper

  1. Download Wallpaper Engine Software Free.
  2. Download this Wallpaper Engine theme.
  3. Extract & copy the downloaded file to this destination: [Wallpaper Engine] > Projects > Default projects.
  4. Need help? Read this Here.

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