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Treehouse Winter Nights

Treehouse Winter Nights

Download Treehouse Winter Nights Wallpaper Engine Free non-steam required.

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Hellou there o/

This is a bigger project I've been working on for a while now. The idea was to doodle this treehouse in somewhat a core-state and then being able to change between Seasons. Mostly for being used as a Just-Chatting Screen on Twitch or something like that. During creation I decided to share it with everyone, simply because I'm not caring too much about having something exclusive for me or so.

This one is dedicated to winter. I like cold temperatures quite a lot, simply by putting on more clothes/blankets you can compensate the cold weather comfortably. Enjoying some tea gives it such a nice atmosphere, watching the snow falling, slowly turning the landscape white, also during night time.
Initially I created a X-Mas Version of it, but then decided to remove all the X-Mas-related Assets and replace them except for the sweets on the table. Maybe I'll upload that Version during X-Mas time.

How To Use This Wallpaper

  1. Download Wallpaper Engine Software Free.
  2. Download this Wallpaper Engine theme.
  3. Extract & copy the downloaded file to this destination: [Wallpaper Engine] > Projects > Default projects.
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